The Outcome is Everything

OutcomeRatings validates providers who measure patient outcomes, so you can be confident in choosing the best healthcare provider.

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100% patient results Verified & certified Data driven care

Why outcome tracking matters

75% of patients in the outcome tracking group had improved outcomes.

JAMA Network

93% of patient visits were improved by the use of patient-reported outcome measures.

Psychiatric Services

Remission rates were 45% higher when patient reported outcomes were used.

The American Journal of Psychiatry

Quickly understand patient symptoms and optimize care by tracking results

Patient completes a baseline assessment

Before an initial consultation, patients complete a survey to produce an objective score that measures the patient’s symptoms.

Future assessments results are tracked

Patients track how their symptoms have changed as a result of their treatments.

Make data-driven decisions

The patient and population level data is then used to inform provider decisions, dial in best practices, and ensure top quality care.

What’s the purpose of the outcome ticker?

Finding a healthcare provider can be a challenge. We simplified this by giving you access to real patient outcomes, so you’re making the best choice possible when selecting a healthcare provider.

Provider success stories

“I’m able to better connect with patients and know when they’re in need of care.”

Dr. Drew DeMann

Manhattan Medicine in New York, NY

“I’m able to gather crucial data on how our patients are doing and how we are doing as providers.”

Dr. Douglas Krebs

Chicago Sport & Spin, Chicago, IL

“We are able to actively monitor our patients progress and document this in our medical records.”

Dr. Chris P. Dougherty

Team Doctor, Kansas City Royals and Northwest Arkansas Naturals

Frequently asked questions

Does OutcomeRatings include all patient data?

The providers are not able to alter any of the data. These insights are coming directly from the provider’s patients.


What is OutcomeRatings?

OutcomeRatings helps providers share their independently validated patient outcomes with the world to make it easier for people to confidently choose the best healthcare provider for their condition.


Where is the real patient data coming from?

All data is sourced from OutcomeMD, which is a HIPAA compliant electronic outcome tracking system that allows providers to effortlessly track and manage their patients’ outcomes.


Are you a provider that wants to be listed?

Change the game. Start measuring, tracking and analyzing your patients’ symptom improvement!

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